The Changing Distribution and Determinants of Obesity in the Neighborhoods of New York City, 2003–2007

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Neighborhoods and Obesity in New York City

Black, J.L., J. Macinko, L.B. Dixon, and G.E. Fryer, Jr. Read more

Intraurban Differences in the Use of Ambulatory Health Services in a Large Brazilian City

Turci, M.A., M.F. Lima-Costa, F.A. Proietti, C.C. Cesar, and J. Macinko Read more

Black–White Differences in Avoidable Mortality in the USA, 1980–2005

Macinko, J., and I.T. Elo Read more

The Impact of Primary Healthcare on Population Health in Low‐ and Middle‐Income Countries

Macinko, J., B. Starfield, and T. Erinosho Read more

Neighborhoods and Obesity

Black, J.L., and J. Macinko Read more

Changes in Medical Care Experiences of Racial and Ethnic Groups in the United States, 1996-2002

Shi, L., and J. Macinko Read more

Why We Need Work Programs for Fathers

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Toward a Mandatory Working Policy for Men

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Implementing Work Requirements in Wisconsin

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The Twilight of Liberal Welfare Reform

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From Prophecy to Charity: How to Help the Poor

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