Economic and social abuse of low-income older adults: Policy solutions

Hawkins, R. L. & Weiss, M. Read more

The Socio-economic Empowerment Assessment: Addressing poverty and economic distress in clients

Hawkins, R. L., & Kim, E. J. Read more

“Waiting for the white man to change things”: Rebuilding Black poverty in New Orleans

Hawkins, R. L. & Maurer, K. Read more

Recovery from depression among clients transitioning out of poverty

Ali, A., Hawkins, R., & Chambers, D. Read more

Using cross-curricular, problem-based learning to promote understanding of poverty in urban communities

Gardner, D., Tuchman, E., & Hawkins, R. Read more

Same as it ever was, only worse: Negative life events and poverty among New Orleans Katrina survivors

Hawkins, R. L. Read more

Disappearing acts: The social networks of formerly homeless individuals with co-occurring disorders

Hawkins, R. L. & Abrams, C. Read more

In their own words: trauma and substance abuse in the lives of formerly homeless women with serious mental illness

Padgett, D. K., Hawkins, R. L., Abrams, C., & Davis, A. Read more

From self-sufficiency to personal and family sustainability: A new paradigm for social policy

Hawkins, R. L. Read more

Risk, Production and Saving: Theory and Evidence from Indian Households

Jonathan Morduch Read more

Reflections on Alternative Allocation Mechanisms

Jonathan Morduch Read more

Smart Subsidy for Sustainable Microfinance

Jonathan Morduch Read more
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