Between the Market and State: Can Informal Insurance Patch the Safety Net?

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Employment and Retirement Following a Late Career Job Loss

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The Use of Logic Models by Community-Based Initiatives

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Opening Doors and Building Capacity: Employing a Community-Based Approach to Surveying

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Black-White Differences in Occupational Prestige: Their Impact on Child Development

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Appreciative Narratives as Leadership Research: Matching Method to Lens

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Decomposing the Black-White Wealth Gap: The Role of Parental Resources, Inheritance, and Investment Dynamics

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Contextual Competence: Multiple Manifestations Among Urban Adolescents

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Children Facing Economic Hardship in the United States: Differentials and Changes in the 1990's

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Public Attitudes Toward Low-Income Children and Families: How Employment Barriers and Welfare/Work Status Affect Public Support for Government Assistance

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How Does Job Loss Affect the Timing of Retirement?

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A Comparison of Ground-Level Air Quality Data with New York State Department of Environmental Conservation Monitoring Stations Data in South Bronx, New York

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