Two Events on Transportation at the Technology Frontier


Registration is now open for two exciting transportation-technology events in April and May:

Short Talks, Big Ideas: Transportation at the Tech Frontier: a series of five-minute talks on transportation issues, tech-enabled and optimistic projects and theories.  April 9th, 6:30 p.m. Register here.

Technology and Urban Mobility: Perspectives from the Front Lines: How are transportation managers incorporating technologies into our cities’ streets, vehicles and transit networks, and what are the outcomes, successes and pitfalls? May 1, 8:30 a.m. Register here.

Look forward to seeing you! Learn about all Wagner events here.


Event Recap: A Conversation with Council Member James Vacca

Council Member James Vacca spoke at Rudin this morning about his transportation initiatives, including pedestrian safety, unlicensed taxis, slow speed zones, commercial cyclists, and improving transportation for the visually impaired. He is anxious to work with new MTA Chairman Joe Lhota, and optimistic about their future joint endeavors.

To learn more about Council Member Vacca’s initiatives, visit his site here:

Want to learn more about taxis? Register here for Rudin’s next event on March 20th with David Yassky: