Achieving Sustainability: Financial Assessment and Recommendations for a Religious Order

Client: Order of Saint Helena
Faculty: John Brothers and Monte Kurs
Team: Catherine Domaoan, Veronika Knierim, Beatriz Maass, Angelo Kris A. Mayo, Monika Rosado
Year: 2009
The Order of St. Helena (OSH) is an Episcopalian order located in Augusta, Georgia that is comprised of 22 sisters. For the past several years, OSH has incurred an increasing budget deficit. Upon review of OSH's available financial data, the Capstone team created a comprehensive analysis of OSH's fiscal activities and decisions and identified OSH's strengths and weaknesses. In formulating recommendations, the team employed surveys, interviews, academic research, and data benchmarking methodology to determine possible sources of revenue and strategies to decrease expenses. Additionally, the team provided OSH with a feasible and practical framework that would allow the organization to overcome financial challenges and to remain sustainable.