African Municipal Digital Radio Training Program: Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda

Client: World Bank Institute
Faculty: Paul Smoke
Team: Yolande S. Dempster, Eyerusalem Fasika, Jennifer Granse, Aysegul Mungen, Dongihn Park, Jennifer Rose
Year: 2004
The Capstone team developed a satellite radio-training course, comprised of five modules, aimed at citizens and local government authorities in Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda. The modules will be broadcast in these countries with the intention of educating the community, creating more dialogue between local government officials and citizens, and encouraging greater public participation in the budgeting process. The first three modules explore the basic concepts of participatory budgeting, stakeholder identification, and local government revenues and expenditures. The fourth module contains illustrative examples pertaining to participatory budgeting, while the final module provides listeners with “tools” to help them apply the concepts that they have learned. The Capstone team also created a workbook and glossary to be used in conjunction with the radio modules to reinforce the listener’s understanding of the concepts of participatory budgeting and encourage application of participatory budgeting concepts to daily situations.