Analysis of the Implementation of Domestic Violence Against Women and Dowry-Related Domestic Violence Legislation

Client: Isabella Thoburn College, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India
Faculty: Dennis Smith
Team: Laura Fenimore, Shelly Reed, Maggie Tang, Erica Vega
Year: 2003

In India, women activists are now pushing for the enactment of legislation against domestic violence. Through research and fieldwork in Lucknow, India, the Capstone team first examined the evolution and implementation of legislation against dowry-related violence since its first enactment in 1961 and its amendments in the mid-80s. The team used this analysis to study the proposed 2002 Protection from Domestic Violence Bill and identify the potential challenges and obstacles to effective implementation and enforcement. Recommendations from the team were two-pronged: raise public awareness of gender inequalities in marriage, family, and society; and suggest ways to improve service delivery and law enforcement systems. Crucial roles of international organizations in enhancing gender equalities and safety were also discussed.