Analysis of Proposed Downtown Hicksville Rezoning

Client: Vision Long Island
Faculty: Michael Keane and Claire Weisz
Team: Patrick Cammack, Carson Qing, Jeremy Safran, Evan Tousey
Year: 2013

Vision Long Island (VLI) is a nonprofit organization that works with Long Island communities to promote more livable, economically sustainable, and environmentally responsible growth. The organization has been working closely with local stakeholders in Hicksville, NY for the past three years to develop a vision plan to revitalize its downtown through zoning changes and public investments that would promote development. The goal of the plan is to rezone the area around Hicksville’s transit hub, creating pedestrian-friendly streetscapes, a mix of housing types, and an attractive downtown retail and office center. VLI requested a Capstone team to conduct an economic analysis to assess the implications of the plan if it were to be implemented. The Capstone team’s retail market analysis and fiscal impact analysis findings assessed whether a market for retail expansion existed within the downtown area, and whether tax revenues generated from such development outweighed expenditures.