Assessing and Improving EGA?s Efforts in Diversity and Inclusive Practices

Client: Environmental Grantmakers Association
Faculty: S.J Avery and Ana Oliveira
Team: Rachel Davis, Marianela Jordan, Liz Lauren, Danielle Marchione, Margaret Phelan
Year: 2009
The Environmental Grantmakers Association (EGA) provides its more than 220 member organizations with networking and learning opportunities to make them more effective in their work supporting environmental organizations and issues. For the past 10 years, EGA has been educating its members on issues around diversity and inclusive practices and created an Inclusive Practices Committee to implement organizational curriculum on these issues. The Capstone team worked with EGA and the Inclusive Practices Committee to design a member wide survey assessing EGA's efforts in this area from a member perspective. In addition, the team conducted interviews with Inclusive Practices Committee members, survey experts, organizations dealing with similar issues, and experts on the issues of diversity and leadership. The team also completed a literature review to investigate best practices in the field. Based on this research, the final report includes recommendations on how EGA can further enhance its efforts and serve its members in diversity and inclusive practices, as well as a communications plan and financial forecast for implementing these suggestions.