Assessing Fund Use and Tutoring in the SPELL Program: A Case Study of Three Provinces

Client: East Meets West Foundation
Faculty: Charles Bailey and David Winder
Team: Tamar Hellman, SunJeong Lee, Raul Nunez, Claire Thomas, Jessica Troiano
Year: 2013

East Meets West (EMW) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to transforming the health, education, and communities of disadvantaged people in Asia by building partnerships, developing opportunities, and creating sustainable solutions. In central Vietnam, more than 900 students are enrolled in EMW’s Scholarship Program to Enhance Literacy and Learning (SPELL), which provides underprivileged students with funding for general school expenses, room and board, bikes, and supplemental tutoring. Currently, the program no longer accepts new students at the high school level; EMW is concerned with declining student achievement and program implementation. The Capstone team traveled to Vietnam to administer surveys and conduct focus groups and interviews with local partners, school administrators, parents, and nearly 500 students in 22 schools across three provinces. After compiling the data, the team recommended improvements to the program implementation structure and funding process, and highlighted the importance of tutoring funds in relation to students’ academic success.