Assessment of the Job-Readiness Program at Times Square Ink

Client: Midtown Community Court, Times Square Ink
Faculty: Rona Affoumado
Team: Kate Doniger, Shoshana Hulkower, Ben Kaplan, Christine Pecorella, Carl Rathjen
Year: 2006
Times Square Ink (TSI) is a job-readiness program for ex-offenders which operates within the Midtown Community Court (MCC). MCC, the first initiative of its kind, provides innovative sentencing alternatives to low-level offenders guilty of crimes such as shoplifting, illegal street vending, prostitution, and trespassing that occur regularly in New York City’s Times Square area. MCC sends clients convicted of these crimes to TSI where, through education and support services, they are able to learn skills which will enable them to become functioning members of society. The job-readiness program includes, but is not limited to, soft and hard skills training, resume and computer training, and support services. TSI asked the Capstone team to assess how TSI’s job-readiness program compares to similar programs, focusing on things such as classes, housing assistance, client success rate, marketing, sources of funding, and client tracking software.