Assisting HIVES in Developing a Continuous Quality Care Improvement Plan

Client: HIV Care Services, Public Health Solutions
Faculty: Amy Goldman, Roger Kropf
Team: Fredelyne Paris, Emalyn Saladino, Paola Torres, Albert Yu
Year: 2010
HIV Care Services, Public Health HIV Care Services (HIVCS) is a program of Solutions Public Health Solutions, whose mission is Assisting HIVCS in Developing a to manage federal and city funding for HIV Continuous Quality Care Improvement preventive, educational, and clinical services across NYC. HIVCS lacks a continuous quality improvement plan (CQI) to evaluate the different processes required to execute their contracts. The team's goal was to incorporate their current performance standards into a comprehensive CQI plan that suits the needs of the organization. The team identified an effective way to monitor HIVCS' performance indicators, and the major deliverable of this project was a quality improvement plan which includes an implementation strategy that establishes all the activities that HIVCS should undertake to manage and monitor the allocation and use of resources. This model will enhance the accuracy and timeliness of HIVCS' internal processes.