Benchmarking Transit Improvement Processes in Megacities of the Developing World

Client: Rudin Center for Transportation Policy and Management
Faculty: Dennis Smith
Team: "Pierre Des Roseaux, Aurelien Pere, Jacqueline Ross, Vincent Valdmanis"
Year: 2008
"Mayor Bloomberg's introduction of PlaNYC 2030 represented a pivotal moment for the future strategy of New York City. Developed out of the recognition that the City's infrastructure, particularly its transit system, is too old to accommodate an expected resident population of over 9 million people by 2030, and a commitment to combating climate change through green initiatives, PlaNYC 2030 is an exciting challenge to move our celebrated city forward into a sustainable future. The Capstone team was tasked with researching and benchmarking the process of three comparable megacities – Bogota, Buenos Aires, and Cairo – as they expanded their transit systems while coping with challenges similar to those New York City is confronting. The Capstone team's research for the Rudin Center will provide practitioners from the transportation community, city planners, and officials with important insights, lessons learned, and best practices that could be applicable to New York City's future transit system expansion. "