Citizens’ Committee for Children of New York

Client: Citizens’ Committee for Children of New York
Faculty: Regina Quattrochi and Margarita Rosa
Team: Parker Baxter, Ofronama Biu, Mary Comans, Brian Cook, Eileen Lynch
Year: 2004
Citizens’ Committee for Children of New York (CCC) is a child advocacy organization that works to ensure that every child in New York City is healthy, housed, educated, and safe. In celebration of its 60th anniversary and in recognition of the pressing problems facing New York City’s children and families, CCC has formed a task force to catalyze advocacy efforts and develop a legislative agenda that would require city agencies to serve children with a cross-systems approach. The Capstone team conducted preliminary research and analysis to inform the task force. The team developed a policy brief based on interviews of 23 experts and research that identifies key areas of policy concern and best practices related to the issues of child care/early education child welfare, education, youth development, physical and mental health, housing, and economic security. The paper also provides recommendations on cross-sector streamlining and finance strategies to improve child well-being in New York City.