A Cross-Systems Approach

Client: African Council for Sustainable Health Development
Faculty: Jo Ivey Boufford
Team: April Herms, Elizabeth Palmer, Chris Paquet, Elizabeth Pham
Year: 2005
The African Council for Sustainable Health Development (ACOSHED) Capstone team was asked to perform an organizational assessment of ACOSHED’s International Secretariat and the model Nigerian chapter based on the ideas established in the Better Health in Africa Report. The project entailed an appraisal of current management structures and programs as they relate to the goals stated in ACOSHED’s Strategic Plan for 2003-2007. A second component of the project involved the examination of two fledgling chapters—Ghana and Ethiopia, in order to better inform ACOSHED International of the resources needed to promote successful chapter growth and independence. The team was also asked to create a marketing template which could be used by ACOSHED International and its chapters to garner financial support and promote the organization to partners and the general public. This final report is intended to provide the reader with an understanding of the methodologies applied and the assumptions made by the Capstone consulting team in its efforts to provide ACOSHED with objective observations and recommendations.