Empowering Nurses with the Capital Equipment Procurement Process

Client: New York-Presbyterian Hospital, Department of Nursing, Milstein Pavilion
Faculty: Anthony Kovner, Willie Manzano, Rosemary Sullivan
Team: Leonid Lenderman, Marcela Levine, Lydia Lopez, Ricardo Mistades
Year: 2010
New York-Presbyterian Hospital believes a streamlined capital equipment procurement process is very important for improving nursing productivity and satisfaction and for delivering the highest quality patient centered care, and they asked a Capstone team to explore this process in more depth. The current nursing capital equipment process from requisition to procurement was identified by interviewing stakeholders throughout the organization. A literature review on capital equipment was performed to determine if national benchmarks exist, and current practices at different institutions for comparison were also reviewed by interviewing senior management. Issues with the current capital equipment process were identified and staff nurses were interviewed on the process of equipment allocation and barriers of the current process. The information was analyzed and a report was provided to the nursing leadership on best practices for capital equipment procurement, including guidelines and recommendations to streamline the nursing capital equipment process and to the management and control of capital equipment.