Enhancing Outreach for the Community

Client: Harlem United
Faculty: Amy Goldman, Roger Kropf
Team: Brian Chappell, Lance Lucas, Jessie Pierre, Felicia Saltzbart
Year: 2011
Harlem United works to improve the lives of people living with or threatened by HIV/AIDS through comprehensive prevention, housing, and healthcare services. The organization is currently expanding its operations in order to have a greater impact on the community and its clients. The Capstone team assessed the current outreach models for two current grants: Health Care for the Homeless and Treatment for the Homeless. The team conducted interviews with staff, reviewed workers' logs and client tracking information, and researched outreach worker training programs to identify problems with existing outreach methods that affect program efficiency and effectiveness. The Capstone team provided an enhanced outreach model and strategy that included recommendations for improved marketing, outreach training curriculum, and strategic organizational alliances for client referrals, as well as clearly defined roles and responsibilities for the outreach team.