Expansion Feasibility Analysis for an Impact Entrepreneurship Program in Central America

Client: Agora Partnerships
Faculty: Steven Schall, Katherine Bourne
Team: Nathalie Agudelo, Carolyn Cohen, Maital Friedman, Anna Gangadharan, Kristen Waeber
Year: 2012
The Capstone team worked with Agora Partnerships, an organization that supports small-to-medium sized businesses in Central America that incorporate economic, social or environmental value into their business plans. Through its Accelerator program, Agora enhances these businesses’ ability to scale up by providing their founding entrepreneurs with skills training, networking opportunities, and access to capital. Tasked with evaluating Agora’s potential expansion into El Salvador and Costa Rica, the team traveled to both countries—as well as to Agora’s annual retreat for Accelerator program participants—to meet with entrepreneurs, investors, partners, academics, and government officials. For each country, the team examined the entrepreneurial landscape; whether existing businesses are interested in enhancing their value to the community; what investors are looking for; and with whom Agora could partner on the ground. The team provided Agora with analysis and recommendations on whether to pursue its planned expansion into El Salvador and Costa Rica and, if so, how to maximize its value in each country.