Exploring the Alumni Association as a Vehicle for Outcome Evaluation and Substance Abuse Recovery

Client: Palladia, Inc.
Faculty: Erica Foldy
Team: Lani Santo, Caryn Teitelbaum, Jos Thalheimer, Diana Yi
Year: 2010
Founded in 1970, Palladia, Inc. is one of the largest nonprofit, multiservice agencies of its kind in New York City. In its tenth year partnering with Capstone, Palladia commissioned a Capstone team to develop a model for an alumni association for its substance abuse treatment programs. Primary project goals were to explore the feasibility of using an alumni association to gather outcome data and to deepen Palladia's approach to substance abuse recovery. The Capstone team engaged in internal research consisting of staff interviews and focus groups with current participants in substance abuse programs as well as with alumni of such programs. External research focused on interviews with peer organizations as well as a literature review. Strong interest in an alumni association was identified by key stakeholders. Recommendations include a model for a Palladiawide alumni association as well as an exploration of the ways in which the association could support Palladia's goals of obtaining outcome trends and supporting alumni in their continued recovery.