Faces of Hunger: Designing an Anti-Hunger Campaign and Framework for a Statewide Coalition

Client: Mississippi Center For Justice
Faculty: Rona Affoumado
Team: Charla Duncan, Emily Tanner-McLean, Michael Reed, Adam J. Shepherd, Zili Fang
Year: 2013

The Mississippi Center for Justice (MCJ) is an organization that works toward racial and economic equity through legal services, policy advocacy, and education. Founded in 2003, MCJ seeks solutions that address social justice in disaster recovery, housing, healthcare, consumer rights, and education. Through their work, MCJ determined that hunger in Mississippi (20% rate of food insecurity, highest in the US) is particularly relevant to the organization’s mission. MCJ charged the Capstone team with designing an anti-hunger campaign that would improve the conditions for those most affected. The team first conducted demographics research to determine localized needs, a nationwide scan of best practices, an assessment of statewide resources, and interviews with MCJ staff and individuals from anti-hunger related groups. With this information, the team produced recommendations designed to elevate the issue of hunger in the state, provide anti-hunger strategies specific to particular regions, and set the foundation for developing an anti-hunger alliance.