Improving MRA's Medical Supply Donation Program in Kenya

Client: Medical Relief Alliance
Faculty: Jo Ivey Boufford
Team: Ranee Adipat, Marion Bergman, Jacinda Jordan, Jennifer Johnson
Year: 2006
Medical Relief Alliance's medical supply donation program facilitates the coordination and transportation of donated medical supplies and equipment from the United States to health centers in the Transmara district in southwestern Kenya. MRA asked the Capstone team to help streamline and improve its donation process to ensure that the medical facilities in Kenya are able to make the best use of the donated equipment and supplies, and to ensure local standards and policies are respected. The MRA Capstone team has created a toolkit consisting of surveys, linkage charts, and perception interviews that MRA can use in the future to evaluate hospitals before engaging in a donor-recipient relationship with them. The Capstone team concluded a field visit in February to implement the tools they created and gather contextual and community information. The field visit findings and toolkit further enhance the final evaluation of the donation program, which is based largely on the team’s best-practice research of well-established medical supply donation programs.