Methodologies of Monitoring and Evaluation System and Information Management for a Nutrient Program called PANI

Client: Alim?ntate Ecuador
Faculty: David Winder
Team: Minerva Arias, Erin Barr, Keumran Ha, Andrea Pacheco
Year: 2010
The Capstone team worked with Alim?ntate Ecuador (AE) of Ecuador's Ministry of Economic and Social Inclusion to provide a monitoring and evaluation (M&E) strategy, as well as an information management system, for the use of Chispaz, a micronutrient food supplement. Chispaz is being introduced in AE's Programa Alimentario Nutricional Integral (PANI), a national program aimed at reducing widespread anemia among children under the age of five. The Capstone team's goal was to provide a sustainable methodology to assist AE in monitoring results and assessing program impact. The team designed an M&E and information management system for AE that incorporated both short and long-term recommendations, along with varied implementation scenarios. Key recommendations included the incorporation of positive deviation, time series design, trigger identification for program evaluation, and tiered analysis of information at both the provincial and national levels.