Preliminary Review of the Local Planning and Finance Systems Under Cambodia’s Emerging Decentralization

Client: United Nations Capital Development Fund and World Bank
Faculty: Paul Smoke and John Gershman
Team: Chi Chia, Pei-Wen Ho, Luis Bernardo Meja, Madeleine Masters
Year: 2003

The Capstone team was sponsored by the United Nations Capital Development Fund and World Bank to evaluate a national decentralization program, recently established to develop grassroots democracy and alleviate poverty. Research focused on the emerging local development planning process and the financial management system. In addition to literature reviews, the team undertook fieldwork in Cambodia, consisting of interviews with members of national ministries, provincial administrative agencies, and newly elected commune governments. The research project documented the successes and challenges faced in decentralization, compared the progress of variously experienced provinces, and considered future improvements to the program.