Preventive Health and Education Needs for the Elderly of New York City

Client: Medical and Health Research Association, Inc
Faculty: S.J. Avery
Team: Darcie Babyak, Anna-Kay Magnus, Mahrukh Nisar, Ederlinda Paraiso
Year: 2004
The Capstone team was asked by the Medical and Health Research Association (MHRA), in collaboration with the Council for Senior Centers and Services (CSCS), to conduct research about the New York City aging population, with a particular focus on three health issues: falls, influenza and pneumonia, and depression. The team examined census data pertaining to the elderly population in New York, undertook an extensive review of topic-related programs in the U.S., surveyed a sample of the elderly population in New York City to find out more about attitudes around preventive education, and identified a set of “best practices” which could be implemented in seniors centers to reduce disability and death, medical costs, and improve quality of life for the elderly.