Program Evaluation for Planned Parenthood Global's Youth Peer Provider Model

Client: Planned Parenthood Global
Faculty: Katherine Bourne and Steven Schall
Team: Brian Lutz, Maha Mahmoud, Stacey O’Sullivan, Andrée Tzall, Dominique Witter
Year: 2013

Since the early 1990s, Planned Parenthood Global (PP Global) has developed the Youth Peer Provider (YPP) model to train young people to provide contraceptives as well as sexual and reproductive health information to their peers. PP Global requested the support of a Capstone team to carry out an evaluation of its YPP program, implemented by the Luisa Amanda Espinoza Association of Nicaraguan Women. The team designed an evaluation plan, created relevant tools, collected data, and analyzed evaluation data from the field in Nicaragua. Data collected by the team and program staff included self-reported knowledge and behavior among program participants and non-participants, program records, and program implementation information. The team analyzed both quantitative and qualitative data collected from the sites in Nicaragua through interviews, record review, and surveys. The team delivered a formal research report, a presentation, and memo of additional findings to PP Global.