Responding to Exponential Organizational Growth with Limited Resources

Client: New York University School of Medicine’s Center for Immigrant Health
Faculty: SJ Avery and Susan Swift
Team: Janet Gutierrez, Lauren Perlmutter, Bo Perry, Aparna Ramaswamy,Kathryn Santos
Year: 2005
New York City hosts a large immigrant population with more than 100,000 newcomers each year. These immigrants face legal, economic, linguistic, and cultural barriers to healthcare, which lead to racial and ethnic disparities in access to health services. The Center for Immigrant Health (CIH) maintains national recognition by upholding its mission to facilitate the delivery of linguistically, culturally, and epidemiologically sensitive health care services to newcomer populations. CIH accomplishes its mission through research, outreach and education, information dissemination, training, and program and policy development. The Center’s project areas include cancer, tuberculosis, language initiatives, cultural competence, insurance and access, and technology. CIH operates under the auspices of New York University’s School of Medicine. Given its tremendous growth over the last several years, CIH required a significant capacity building program in a variety of areas. With the Center’s ongoing organic and exponential growth, the Capstone team has provided guidance and resources in the areas of governance, fundraising, infrastructure, communications, and training. The team’s work has included reports, surveys, interviews, program and data research and analysis.