Strategic Planning and Research

Client: International Center for Tolerance Education
Faculty: Jody Spiro
Team: Stacey Cedeno, Deborah Larkai, Alina Simone, Mahlet Yifru
Year: 2005
The International Center for Tolerance Education (ICTE) is an initiative of the Third Millennium Foundation founded in 2003 whose principal goal is to support initiatives to promote tolerance education, particularly among the young. ICTE’s mission is to promote innovation in the field of tolerance education on a global scale through building a critical mass of like-minded people and projects so that children and their families can participate in a vibrant and inclusive society. The Capstone team created a strategic plan designed to guide ICTE in building a global tolerance education program. In the short-run, the plan will give ICTE an overview of the field, help identify potential partners and provide directions for the future. In the long-run, ICTE can use the plan to create strong partnerships and interdisciplinary networks, provide leadership development and bring the program to scale. The strategic plan was comprised of two main parts: a research component and recommendations component. The research component addressed the following key issue areas: identification of exemplary organizations in the field of tolerance education for young children and their families; identification and analysis of best practices within the field of tolerance education with a special emphasis on interdisciplinary approaches and innovative uses of technology; and analysis of the trends that made these practices successful and an assessment of their limitations. The second component of the plan suggested ways in which ICTE could use existing tolerance education and human rights networks as well as knowledge of best practices and coverage gaps identified in component one, to develop a global tolerance education program that fits its mission and addresses the needs of the field.