Strategic Planning for a New York City Nonprofit Organization

Client: Jewish Community Project Downtown
Faculty: Rona Affoumado and Christine Campbell
Team: Ilana Aisen, Jennifer Bell, Elisabeth Kostin, Jonathan Lev, Ashley Sharp
Year: 2009
Jewish Community Project Downtown (JCP) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to meeting the needs of Lower Manhattan's diverse Jewish population by encouraging them to connect to others through educational, cultural, social, and artistic programs. Now at a pivotal point in its development, JCP requested a Capstone team to determine how to strengthen and grow the organization. The team decided that a 6-step strategic planning process was the best option and facilitated this process in partnership with an eight member committee of JCP staff, board members, and donors. The 6-step strategic planning process involved: (1) developing an organizational profile; (2) reviewing mission and vision statements; (3) completing an environmental assessment and SWOT analysis; (4) developing strategies, goals, and objectives; (5) writing the strategic plan; and (6) implementing the strategic plan. The team utilized surveys, demographic studies, focus groups, interviews with key stakeholders and funders, and financial information to inform and guide the committee in developing the strategic plan.