Supporting and Preventing Homelessness among the Elderly in the South Bronx

Client: The Partnership for the Homeless
Faculty: Rona Affoumado
Team: Ali Abidin, Catherine Bascon, Frank Giancamilli, Tara Guastella, Naomi Korb
Year: 2011
The Partnership for the Homeless devel­ops programs and initiatives to eliminate the root causes of homelessness and pro­vide support for homeless individuals. To address the prevention of homelessness among the elderly in the South Bronx, the Partnership engaged a Capstone team to research demographic needs, possible service models, and model feasibility. The team developed a three­phased project that included census tract analysis identi­fying existing service providers in the designated census tracts, a literature review of existing national program models, and the development of a business plan prototype. The team's final recommendations included suggested partnerships with specified service providers, incorporation of best practices from existing models, and operational procedures for program success.