Volunteer Program Management and Engagement

Client: Footsteps
Faculty: Sara Grant and Merle McGee
Team: Ari Berkowicz, Elizabeth Hoagland, Arlene Peralta, Brandi Womack
Year: 2013

Footsteps is an organization dedicated to providing services to those seeking to enter or explore a world beyond the ultra-Orthodox religious environment. Footsteps was seeking a Capstone team to assess the feasibility, provide recommendations, and develop resources for a newly structured volunteer program for their existing volunteer base. In order to do this, the Capstone team conducted both internal and external research on Footsteps and other organizations with volunteer programs. After completing the analysis, the team provided Footsteps with recommendations for structuring a volunteer program that best utilizes the skills of volunteers, motivates and retains passionate individuals, and creates systems that will help effectively manage and measure the impact their volunteer program has on their participants.