Capstone Courses and Projects

Citizens Committee for Children of New York

Preventive Services Available to Adolescents At Risk of Entering New York City’s Foster Care System
Citizens Committee for Children (CCC) is a 60-year old child advocacy organization whose mission is to ensure that every New York City child is healthy, housed, educated, and safe. CCC requested that the Capstone team study preventive services available to adolescents at risk of entering the foster care system in NYC. CCC identified adolescents as a key focal population within the child welfare system, given their complex needs and grim outcomes once they have entered the foster care system. The Capstone team researched current preventive services, child welfare policies and funding, NYC’s Administration for Children’s Services initiatives, and model programs. Based on the information gathered, the Capstone team designed a questionnaire for NYC preventive service providers aimed at gathering information regarding the availability of preventive services for adolescents in NYC, gaps incurrent services, potential barriers to care, and suggestions for improved service provision. The Capstone team piloted the questionnaire instrument with five preventive service providers, representing each of the five boroughs and a variety of program sizes with the goal of identifying the strengths and weaknesses of the instrument. The Capstone team will provide survey improvement recommendations based on the initial interviews and feedback. The pilot interviews also provided initial data from preventive service providers, allowing the Capstone team to conduct a preliminary analysis. The research of services, policies, funding, and model programs offers insight into the structure and quality of preventive services currently available to at-risk adolescents and their families as well as areas for service improvements. CCC will use the questionnaire to collect data from approximately forty preventive service providers within NYC. The aggregate data will be utilized to lobby for adolescent and family needs, funding, and policy initiatives.

Fund for the Public Health in New York

Strategies for Advancing the Fund for Public Health in New York
Since the Fund for Public Health in New York, Inc. (FPHNY) was incorporated in 2002, this nonprofit has managed a high profile federal grant as well as other important grants for the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene that address pressing public health needs. Entering into a new phase in their development, the FPHNY is looking to establish its unique value in the NYC public health landscape. The Capstone team conducted an organizational assessment and an environmental analysis to develop strategic recommendations for the next three years. The report identifies key strategies in three areas: strengthening current operations, ensuring financial viability, and carving a niche in NYC. The report also includes an analysis of fundraising trends.

Gouverneur/Bellevue WeightManagement Initiative

Treating Obesity in Asian and Hispanic Patients In the Lower East Side: A Prevalence Study and Needs Assessment
The Capstone team was asked by Gouverneur Treatment and Diagnostic Center to conduct a prevalence study and needs assessment for the conditions of obesity or being overweight in the patient population. The team first took a random sample of demographic information from patient charts to determine the extent of the problem. The team then conducted a needs assessment through surveys, interviews and a focus group, to determine the Gouverneur patient population’s current knowledge regarding obesity and being overweight, as well as the population’s interest in potential Gouverneur weight management services. With this information, the team will provide Gouverneur with recommendations on how to tailor the Weight Management Clinic to their patient population in order to deliver culturally appropriate, well-attended and beneficial services.

New York University School of Medicine’s Center for Immigrant Health

Responding to Exponential Organizational Growth with Limited Resources
New York City hosts a large immigrant population with more than 100,000 newcomers each year. These immigrants face legal, economic, linguistic, and cultural barriers to healthcare, which lead to racial and ethnic disparities in access to health services. The Center for Immigrant Health (CIH) maintains national recognition by upholding its mission to facilitate the delivery of linguistically, culturally, and epidemiologically sensitive health care services to newcomer populations. CIH accomplishes its mission through research, outreach and education, information dissemination, training, and program and policy development. The Center’s project areas include cancer, tuberculosis, language initiatives, cultural competence, insurance and access, and technology. CIH operates under the auspices of New York University’s School of Medicine. Given its tremendous growth over the last several years, CIH required a significant capacity building program in a variety of areas. With the Center’s ongoing organic and exponential growth, the Capstone team has provided guidance and resources in the areas of governance, fundraising, infrastructure, communications, and training. The team’s work has included reports, surveys, interviews, program and data research and analysis.