Governmental Financial Condition Analysis

PADM-GP.4121, 2 points.

Semester: Spring


This course will provide you with basic skills to analyze and assess the financial condition of general-purpose state and local governments. The assessment process covers the entity’s short-term financial position, revenues, expenditures, debt, and pensions. The course examines the influence of economics, demographics and political / administrative factors on each of these elements. The analysis takes account of the entity’s trends in relation to the trends of a peer group of entities as well as “rules of thumb” and medians developed by credit-rating agencies and other analysts.


CORE-GP.1011, CORE-GP.1018, and CORE-GP.1021.

Semester Instructor Syllabus Link
Spring 2012Yousuf RahmanSyllabus
Spring 2011Yousuf RahmanSyllabus
Spring 2010Yousuf RahmanSyllabus
Spring 2010Yousuf RahmanSyllabus
Fall 2009Martin IvesSyllabus
Spring 2009Martin IvesSyllabus
Spring 2009Syllabus
Fall 2008Martin IvesSyllabus
Semester Instructor Evaluation Link
Spring 2014Yousuf RahmanEvaluation
Spring 2013Yousuf RahmanEvaluation
Spring 2012Rahman, YusufEvaluation
Spring 2011Rahman, YousufEvaluation
Spring 2010Rahman, YousufEvaluation
Fall 2009Ives, MartinEvaluation
Spring 2008Rahman, YousufEvaluation
Spring 2009Rahman, YousufEvaluation
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Rahman, Yousuf

Weekly Schedule:
Tue - 4:55 pm to 6:35 pm

Session Dates:
03/23/2015 to 05/11/2015

Bldg:SILV Room:410