Large Scale Change: Processes and Techniques for Public and Private Settings

PADM-GP.4146, 2 points.

Semester: Spring


Two of the most powerful set of ideas about initiating and sustaining meaningful change in all types of organizations, both public and private, have been developed recently by organizational development practitioners and theorists. High-involvement strategies are increasingly used in a variety of processes to involve people at all levels in changing their own system or organization. High-leverage strategies are used to involve people in systematic ways to sustain those changes.

Students of Organizational Development and Change who are interested in promoting and implementing dramatic and sustainable change need to explore and understand the core principles, assumptions and processes of such strategies. Often termed Large-Scale Interventions, these methods are being used more and more as diverse organizations confront changing environments, expectations and realities. It is no wonder that organizations as large as General Motors and various state government departments (social services, corrections) and as small as the local public school and community group which are interested in “turning things around” are investigating the use of such interventions.

This two-day course provides a comprehensive overview of the major change methods being used today. A brief review identifying core principles, assumptions and processes of over 60 such techniques will be made. In addition, participants will engage in designing and implementing three such interventions as a class: Appreciative Inquiry, Dialogue, and Future Search.



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