Juvenile Justice Issues: New York’s Response to Juvenile Crime and Delinquency

PADM-GP.4402, 1.5 points.

Semester: Fall


The Juvenile Justice system in New York and most major cities in the U.S. pose a host of complex questions and challenges for practitioners, policy makers and advocates alike. A sprawling, complex web of state and local agencies charged with tasks as varied as diversion, mental health care, social service provision, family intervention, secure detention and incarceration and community reentry. In recent years, juvenile justice system practitioners and policymakers have increasingly acknowledged that overly punitive responses to juvenile crime and delinquency are costly, do little to increase public safety, and, worse, are ineffective rehabilitation strategies that often put youth on paths to life-long involvement in the criminal justice system. This course examines a wide range of juvenile justice issues and solutions, and their impact on youth and families, with a particular focus on the New York City juvenile justice system.



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Spring 2014Elise WhiteSyllabus
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