Wagner Experience Fund in Honor of Ellen Schall 

The Wagner Experience Fund was renamed the Ellen Schall Experience Fund in honor of Ellen Schall, the visionary Dean of NYU Wagner from 2002 – 2012, who launched the Fund to support and promote career opportunities for future public service leaders.

The Wagner Experience Fund provides much-needed support to NYU Wagner students who undertake unpaid public service internships. The Fund ensures that students can explore professional opportunities to help them achieve their career goals, regardless of compensation or financial need.

Internships are a vital piece of the NYU Wagner education because they bridge theory and practice to produce powerful public service leaders, yet too many are unfunded. In fact, over 50% of Wagner students' internships are unpaid, and this adds significantly to their financial burden. NYU Wagner annually awards one quarter million dollars – in the form of $5,000 stipends – to 50 students who have taken on degree-relevant, career-advancing, unpaid summer internships in the field of public service.

The Fund helps students:

  • Apply theories and skills learned in the classroom to a professional context
  • Expand their professional networks
  • Gain skills and experiences to enhance their career prospects