Collateral Consequences to Criminal Convictions: Barriers to Housing

Access to affordable housing is a necessary precondition for successful community reintegration following criminal conviction. Far too often, however, individuals with criminal records struggle to find suitable housing or are overtly denied shelter, greatly increasing the likelihood of recidivism.
At Collateral Consequences of Criminal Convictions: Barriers to Housing, NYU Wagner Students for Criminal Justice Reform seeks to tackle the contradictory housing policies that create barriers to reentry following criminal conviction. Panelists will discuss what makes successful reintegration so difficult, what policies exist to prevent those with criminal convictions from obtaining suitable housing, and what steps must be taken in order to help the formerly incarcerated and those with criminal convictions find permanent housing while reestablishing themselves as positive contributors to society.
Panelists will include:
Rebecca Greenberg
Attorney, Civil Action Practice
Bronx Defenders
Ryan Moser
Managing Director, Eastern Region
Corporation for Supportive Housing
Laurie Parise
Executive Director and Founder
Youth Represent
Rita Zimmer
Executive Director and Founder
Housing + Solutions