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For more information on this network, please contact Professor Sonia Ospina ( or Professor Erica Foldy (

NYU Wagner’s Collective Leadership Network (Co-Lead Net) is an international network of academics, practitioners and graduate students interested in better understanding collective leadership and to help it gain traction as a force for positive change.  

Convened by Professors Sonia Ospina and Erica Foldy, and in partnership with the NYU Leadership Initiative, Co-Lead Net aims:

  • To create knowledge that makes collective leadership possible
  • To foster academic and practitioner-based research on leadership for classroom learning and professional leadership development programs
  • To develop and disseminate robust ideas about collective leadership that draw scholarly attention to leadership issues and inspire students to become successful leaders.
  • To engage other voices and expand the conversations on collective leadership beyond the core community of researchers already working on the topic

Co-Lead Net positions NYU and NYU Wagner as a nexus for important conversations about collective leadership scholarship.

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