Dec 12, 2012

Two Reports Based on Wagner-hosted Dialogue on NYC Retiree Benefits are Published

Earlier this year, NYU Wagner partnered with New York City Public Advocate Bill De Blasio and his office’s nonprofit Fund for Public Advocacy as well as the New York Community Trust to support a rigorous public dialogue about City pensions, retiree health care expenses, and other long-term public obligations and liabilities.

Wagner hosted two of the three forums, which were moderated by New York Times metro columnist  Michael Powell and included experts in state and local financal management, including Dan Smith, assistant professor of public  budgeting and financial management at Wagner.

To read a just-published summary of the discussions, entitled “Balancing New York’s Fiscal Responsibilities: A Report and Roadmap for Action,” visit here.

You will also find a backgrounder (a companion booklet supported by the Peter G. Peterson Foundation) concerning the size of government and the changing cost, design, and affordability of the City's and State's retirement benefits:  “Balancing New York’s Fiscal Responsibilities: Public Employee Pensions & Retiree Health Care Costs.”


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