Dec 09, 2013

Enhancing Public Accountability in Latin America through Results-oriented Management

This November, Faculty Co-Director Sonia Ospina presented a paper co-authored with Nuria Cunill on “Enhancing Public Accountability through Results-oriented Public Management in Latin America” at the International Congress of State and Public Administration Reform hosted by the Latin American Center for Development Administration (CLAD - Centro Latinoamericano para la Administración en el Desarrollo) in Montevideo, Uruguay.

The paper focuses on State-driven efforts to make its public sector more accountable. It investigates explicit initiatives to develop and institutionalize internal systems of monitoring and evaluation at the national level, an institutional choice taken by most Latin American countries in the past 20 years to assess public sector performance. The paper highlights the obstacles to institutionalizing an approach that not only makes government more accountable, but also more democratic. 

The research will be featured in a chapter in the Handbook of Public Administration in Latin America (forthcoming).

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