Dec 02, 2013

Prof. Natasha Iskander Exploring the Role of Migrants in Qatar's Construction Industry

Natasha Iskander, Associate Professor of Public Policy at NYU Wagner, is the recipient of a $550,000 grant from the Qatar National Research Foundation to support her research endeavor, “Skill-Building and Industry Development through Migration: The Role of Migrants in Qatar’s Construction Industry.”

The study will examine how migrants acquire, translate, and develop skills while working on construction sites in Doha, and will explore the skills that they may take back with them to their countries of origin or third countries. It will involve field research in Qatar and migration source countries, including India and Nepal.

Professor Iskander is an expert on labor migration and  economic development, on labor mobilization and its relationship to workforce development, and on processes of institutional innovation and organizational learning. Her award-wining book, Creative State: Forty Years of Migration and Development Policy in Morocco and Mexico (Cornell University Press: 2010), examines how the governments of Mexico and Morocco elaborated policies to build a link between labor emigration and local economic development.

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