Jul 09, 2014

Prof. Work at UN Public Service Global Forum on Sustainable Development

On 23 - 26 June 2014, NYU Wagner Prof. Robertson Work participated in the United Nations Public Service Global Forum on Sustainable Development (click here) held in Seoul, Republic of Korea. He made a presentation on "Collaborative Leadership in a Time of Whole System Transformation" (click here) and facilitated the workshop on Innovations in E-Government for Sustainable Development. Prof. Work was first in South Korea for six years in the 1970s with an NGO doing community development with the Korean government's Sae Maul Undong (New Community Movement.) He then returned to Seoul as UNDP principal policy advisor on decentralized governance in 1994 and 2005.

What's new at NYU Wagner?



  • WAGTalk: Daniel Smith, “Why Do Cities Go Bankrupt?”

    Professor Dan Smith discusses three of the biggest municipal bankruptcies in U.S. history: Detroit, Michigan; Jefferson County, Alabama; and Stockton, California.
  • WAGTalk: Ingrid Gould Ellen, “Preserving History or Hindering Progress”

    The preservation of historic neighborhoods has been the subject of controversy in New York City and in cities around the country. Professor Ingrid Ellen sheds light on this debate.
    Urban Planning
  • WAGTalk: Jonathan Morduch, “U.S. Financial Diaries”

    The U.S. Financial Diaries project tracked the financial behaviors of 250 low-income American households. Professor Jonathan Morduch discusses how public policy and the private sector can create financial options for households working hard to get ahead.
  • NYU Wagner's 75th Celebration

    On June 12, 2014, NYU Wagner celebrated 75 years of public service education.
  • WAGTalk: John Billings, “Improving Care for High Cost/ High Risk Patients”

    Professor John Billings presents research that aims to identify and improve care for high cost/high risk Medicaid patients.