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The 47 or 67 Percent?

Professor Nirupama Rao presents an alternative way to interpret the data about people who don't pay federal taxes.

The Wagner Experience: Tatiana Zorgno (MPA)

"During these two years, I got exposed to the many different things you can do in public service. Before, I was worried that I was going to come into this field and not have enough career options, and now I feel I have too many."

U.S. Financial Diaries

Professor Jonathan Morduch discusses his U.S. Financial Diaries project, and how public policy can create greater financial stability for struggling households.

Alumni in Action: Aissata Camara (MPA)

With $18, Aissata and her sister founded the There is No Limit Foundation, which empowers the poorest communities to reach their potential by eradicating social barriers and creating economic opportunities.

#MyWagnerLife: Takiema Bunche Smith (EMPA)

Follow Takiema's "day in the life" as she live-tweeted about expanding her leadership and management skills in the Executive program, attending the Global Summit on Childhood in Costa Rica, working to increase access and equity in education, and juggling school/work/family.

An Insider’s View of the Affordable Care Act

Dean Sherry Glied, who served as Assistant Secretary at HHS and was intimately involved in the implementation of the Affordable Care Act, offers an insider's perspective on the landmark legislation.

#MyWagnerLife: Ashley Putnam (MPA-PNP)

Follow Ashley's "day in the life" as she live-tweeted about living in Bushwick, taking Operations & Policy class, interning at HUD, doing Capstone in Tanzania, joining student organizations, and exploring social innovation.

#MyWagnerLife: Erin Connell (MPA-PNP)

From studying management and policy full-time, to interning and serving as President of the Wagner Student Association, follow Erin Connell (MPA-PNP) who live-tweeted her "day in the life."

#MyWagnerLife: Michael Czaczkes (MPA-PNP)

Follow Michael's "day in the life" as he live-tweeted about working full-time for the NYC Public Advocate, living in Brooklyn, studying management and urban planning, and making connections between work and school.

Special-Ed Reform—Is It Working?

Professor Leanna Steifel discusses her research on New York City's new approach to special education and what kind of impact the reform may have on students.

Alumni in Action: Harold Pettigrew (MUP)

After graduating from NYU Wagner, Harold returned to his native Washington, D.C. eventually becoming the lead of the Small Business Resource Center, a government agency aimed at encouraging small business growth through demystifying regulations and trainer-to-trainer advising.

The Wagner Experience: Kathryn Gonzalez (MPA)

"I think coming to New York City for graduate school was important because of the complicated nature of problems that exist here—I wanted to know what they were and be learned in the art of addressing those problems."