Title: NGO Accountability: Politics, Principles and Innovations
Publication Date: 01/19/07
As NGOs have become more prominent, debates about NGO accountability are also on the rise. Most of these debates, however, have focused on how NGOs can be made more accountable with very little conversation on what NGOs should be responsible for and to whom they should be responsible.The contributors to the book "NGO Accountability: Politics, Principles and Innovations" (edited by Lisa Jordan and Peter Van Tuijl; Earthscan 2006) will discuss and debate the role of NGOs within civil society and global governance today. Panelists will address the complexities and risks in regulating NGOs; the representation debate or who do NGOs really represent; the role of NGOs in global governance; global environmental and public policy campaigns; and relations between the state and civil society.
Author: NYU Wagner Public Se
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