Tutoring Schedule

Every semester, Wagner provides tutors in Statistics (CORE-GP 1011), Microeconomics (CORE-GP 1018), and Financial Management (CORE-GP 1021) at no charge to students. Wagner also provides a writing consultant (tutor) to assist students with their writing assignments in individual and group sessions. Tutoring hours are posted on NYU Classes and are announced by faculty during the first class sessions. Please note that this schedule is subject to change. Check back for updates.

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The Wagner Writing Center

Wagner offers an array of writing-specific activities in order to support and promote writing excellence among all of its students. These include: additional non-credit writing courses, increased access to writing tutors (both in-person and online) and a series of topic-specific lectures and workshops.

Writing Tutors

Wagner provides writing tutors free of charge to assist students, in person or online, with their writing assignments. The tutors have experience with and are knowledgeable about public policy-specific formats and can assist students at any point in their writing process—from initial concept brainstorming and mid-paper writer’s block, to first draft clarity and coherence checks and final draft line edits. Tutors can be contacted via wagner.writingtutors@nyu.edu.

To visit a tutor in-person:

-Make a 20-30 minute appointment at: http://bit.ly/wgnrwrtngttrs
-Please indicate the appointment you’re requesting is “in office”
-The tutor will confirm with you the exact office where she or he will be working
-Bring a copy of the assignment, your current draft and any comments you have already received from your professor or teaching assistant

To work with a tutor online:

-Make a 20-30 minute appointment at: http://bit.ly/wgnrwrtngttrs [the time slot you choose will be the time the tutor uses to look over your paper or to “meet” with you via a video chat]
-Please indicate in the appointment whether you’d like to receive help via email or video chat
-BEFORE your appointment time, email your assignment, your current draft, any comments you have already received, your deadline and your specific concerns or areas you’d like the tutor to focus on to wagner.writingtutors@nyu.edu
-If you choose to receive help via email, you will receive an email by the end of the tutoring time block with general suggestions for your assignment and, attached, your paper with specific comments in track changes
-If you choose to receive help via video chat, please supply the Skype, Google Chat or Facetime account name where the tutor can contact you

Professional Writing Refresher

Wagner offers two sections of a six-week, non-credit writing refresher, with a specific focus on public policy writing formats, in the fall and spring semesters. Students register for NONCR-GP 907, Professional Writing. Tuition is $175. Section 1 runs for the first half of the semester. Section 2 runs for the second half of the semester.

Writing Lectures & Workshops

The School offers a series of 90-minute writing lectures throughout the semester. Each lecture focuses on a specific academic or public policy writing issue.

Memo Writing Guidelines

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