Academic Resources for International Students

As a reminder, here are some key tools and resources that you should be utilizing throughout your time at Wagner.  We’ve consolidated them into one place for easy access. In this section we will:

  • explore Albert (NYU course registration system);
  • navigate Brightspace (NYU learning management system);
  • use your Program Requirement Checksheet;
  • discuss writing support
  • review quantitative resources; and
  • learn about graduate student services at NYU Libraries

Albert is NYU's student information system. As a reminder, this system is where you register for courses, look up your grades and transcripts, review finances and bursar bills, see holds on your account, and apply for graduation. It is important to review how to access Albert and all that you can do within the system.  

Albert can be accessed two ways, via NYUHome or Albert directly.




From accessing course materials, to collaborating online with classmates and instructors, NYU Learning Management System (or LMS) Brightspace, offers a ton of resources to meet your learning goals and needs. 

For a refresher of navigating within the system, check out the student training information for Brightspace.

The specific Program Requirement Checksheet for your degree and specialization is probably the most important resource for planning your coursework and tracking your degree progress. We encourage you to review the Program Requirement Checksheet for your chosen specialization and think about your overall course plan for Wagner. 

Program Requirement Checksheet

There are many writing resources for you at Wagner including free writing tutors through the Wagner Writing Center, free writing workshops, and resources for memo writing and citations on the Wagner Writing Support page.  To sign up for writing tutors and access other resources, visit the Wagner Writing Center folder in Brightspace.

More Writing Resources  

There are many quantitative resources available to you including the ALEKS refresher, the Math Review workshop, and free quantitative tutoring.  We urge you to make use of all of these!

Explore Quant Resources

NYU's Division of Libraries provides guidance to Wagner students with regards to research methods, literature reviews, data qualitative and quantitative research software packages and more. For a directory and to sign up for free workshops offered at Bobst, visit the NYU Library Classes calendar.


Data Services provides consultation and instructional support for students, researchers, and instructors using quantitative, qualitative, survey design, and geospatial (GIS) software. We advise on projects across the entire research data lifecycle, including access, analysis, collection development, data management, and data preservation.

Learn More


As part of your graduate coursework, you will be doing quite a bit of research and therefore will need to ensure you are adhering to the Academic Code by maintaining proper citations of ideas, data, and published work of others. Make sure you review the citation resources available to you as a student. 

Citation Resources