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ACA-Driven 11th Edition of "Jonas & Kovner's Health Care in America" Provides Readers with Guide for Changing Market

ACA-Driven 11th Edition of "Jonas & Kovner's Health Care in America" Provides Readers with Guide for Changing Market

With its recent affirmation by the U.S. Supreme Court, the Affordable Care Act, or "Obamacare," has become a permanent feature of the nation’s health care system. Now, the just-published 11th Edition of the highly acclaimed Jonas and Kovner's Health Care Delivery in the United States (Springer Publishing Co.) emerges as a vitally needed new resource and guide to the changing market.

Readable and accessible, the textbook on health care in the United States is the handiwork of the 11th edition editors Dr. James R. Knickman, President and CEO of the New York State Healthcare Foundation, and Anthony Kovner, Professor of Public Health Management at NYU Wagner. It has been revised specifically with graduate students in healthcare policy and management in mind, along with executives, managers, and staff all across a diverse and dynamic field.

The title’s official website, offers a comprehensive overview of the 11th Edition and its new features, along with video interviews with the editors, a Q&A with the chapter authors,  and ancillary materials, such as a sample syllabus and free downloadable chapter on the Affordable Care Act, and a four-chapter downloadable sampler. Additional resources for qualified instructors include a manual, PowerPoint slides, test bank, and image bank, as well as the option to request a desk or exam copy.

Contributors to the 11th Edition include such luminaries as Michael Gusmano, Carolyn Clancy, Joanne Spetz, Nirav Shah, Sherry Glied (Dean and Professor of Public Service, NYU Wagner), Michael Sparer, and Christy LeMak, among others. The book is available from Springer Publishing as well as from Amazon in both print and Kindle formats.

Adjunct Professor Launches Blog on Compassionate Civilization

Adjunct Professor Launches Blog on Compassionate Civilization

A new blog by Robertson Work, Adjunct Professor of Public Administration at NYU Wagner, shares his writings and musings on what he identifies as an emerging civilization of compassion based on principles of sustainability, equality, justice, participation and tolerance.

The posts so far include his recent keynotes at UN global conferences as well as his thoughts on: 1) our time of crisis and opportunity; 2) an emerging compassionate civilization; 3) innovative leadership approaches needed that are facilitative, creative and integral; and 4) what we each can do to effect changes required in individual mindsets and behavior and collective culture and systems.

Professor Work teaches Innovative Leadership for Sustainable Human Development, Strategic Management, and International Capstone. He was formerly UNDP principal policy advisor on decentralized governance.  Between January and March of this year,  he provided consulting services for UN Habitat - in Nairobi, Kenya, he helped strengthen a global UN program on land tenure for the poor by providing organizational development of the Secretariat; at the University of Aruba, he taught the first seminar in a yearlong post-grad certificate course for educators in collaborative leadership; and at Oklahoma City University, he delivered the keynote address at a creative peacemaking symposium.


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