Adam Eckstein

Master of Urban Planning

Adam Eckstein

Why did you choose Wagner for graduate school?

Wagner offered a perfect blend of what I was looking for in my graduate experience. I wanted to study urban issues from a public policy standpoint, I wanted to study international issues, and I wanted to be in New York City. All of these combined with the extraordinary faculty, superb resources, wonderful student body, and the well-deserved prestige of the school, made choosing Wagner a no-brainer. I was just fortunate that Wagner chose me. 

How did being in New York impact your professional journey?

For those interested in urban planning and public policy, there is no other city quite like it. Because New York has such a large set of government agencies, nonprofits, and academics involved in the constant improvement of the City, there was no end to the solutions and/or problems to get immersed in. Not to mention that "zoning," a key component to all urban planning, was invented in New York—in my mind there is no better place to obtain a degree in these studies. 

What are the advantages of the Wagner alumni network?

I think what brings together Wagner alumni is our commitment to having a positive impact on the world. Wagner alumni work all across the globe, and in some of the most prestigious and innovative organizations around. It makes me proud to know that so many of my fellow alumni are such great successes, and are able to work in fields they are passionate about. Having an instant connection to such a diverse group of people is the largest advantage anyone could have.