Anu Ashok

MPA in Health Policy & Management

Assistant Vice President
Greater New York Hospital Association
Anu Ashok

How would you describe your experience as a Wagner student?

My experience at Wagner shaped me into the professional that I am today. Having gone straight from college into graduate school, I lacked certain skills such as memo writing, group project experience, exposure to the public service world and more, all of which I developed while I was there and use every day now. I learned about the various inner workings of the public sector under the landscape of New York from professors whose expertise spanned across industries. That type of experience is truly unique to Wagner.

How did you find your first post-Wagner job?

My first post-Wagner was job was as the Administrative Director for Clinical Services at Lutheran Medical Center in Brooklyn, NY. The administrative residency program which I participated in during my second year at Wagner single-handedly landed me my first job, since I was interacting with high-level executives at the hospital on a daily basis and they were able to see my potential. I am forever grateful for that opportunity especially since I had limited work experience when I started at Wagner and this helped me get my foot in the door.

Describe your current job.

I am currently the Assistant Vice President for Graduate Medical Education and Physician Workforce Policy at the Greater New York Hospital Association (GNYHA), a trade association representing over 150 hospitals in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Rhode Island. In this role, I oversee various Graduate Medical Education (GME) and physician workforce programmatic initiatives, work with residency programs on accreditation and regulatory requirements, advocate for the development of policy recommendations at both the state and federal level, and assist in the development of public materials that further the GME and workforce mission of GNYHA teaching hospitals.