Arundathi Amirapu

Master of Urban Planning
- 2015

Senior Planning Analyst
NYC Department of City Planning
Arundathi Amirapu

Why did you choose Wagner for graduate school?

I am deeply passionate about building equitable and sustainable urban environments through the use of data-driven policy making. While I knew I wanted to pursue a degree in urban planning, it was important to me that the program be housed in a public policy school as I felt it would help me better contextualize any new urban policies or solutions. 

How would you describe your experience as a Wagner student?

I would describe it as one of the best decisions of my life. The Wagner journey helped me with my personal growth as much as providing me with skills for a career in public service. 

What are the advantages of the Wagner alumni network?

I think the alumni network is the best part of investing in a degree at Wagner. I owe my current job to the Wagner alumni network and in turn have helped other Wagner grads find jobs and internships. The network also serves as a community of like-minded individuals where you can get together to talk about politics or anything else you might be interested in.