Betsy Fuller

MPA in Health Policy & Management

Senior Program Officer, Public Health
Bloomberg Philanthropies

How did you find your first post-Wagner job?

I found my first post-Wagner job (still my current job, almost 6 years later) by giving my resume to my nurse practitioner at the NYU Student Health Center! This only goes to show that how you present yourself and interact with EVERYONE in your life makes a difference. You never know who you are talking to and who they know!

Describe your current job.

I work at Bloomberg Philanthropies on the Public Health Team. My current responsibilities include oversight of our Tobacco Control work in Philippines and Vietnam, and I direct a project called the Bloomberg Advocacy Incubator, which builds capacity in public health advocacy in organizations on the ground in the countries where we work.

What are the advantages of the Wagner alumni network?

When I'm seeking team members or hear of opportunities, I always go to my Wagner alumni network first. I know exactly what type of education they've had, I seek recommendations from my past Wagner professors, and I trust their opinions. Wagner produces top-notch critical thinkers in policy, management and planning.